Urban Economic Growth and the effect on Poverty


At this point, you will put your research proposal into effect, completing a 3500 word essay on your chosen topic. Use your work on Assignment 2 and your tutor’s comments as you answer your research question. Be judicious in copying from your proposal. The work you have done since its submission must be reflected in all sections of the final paper. Please see the online instructions for writing an essay as you complete this paper. Note that you are required to provide proper citations (in-text and in a references list) of all sources you use for this paper. Literature Review and Argumentation: 80% How thoughtful and careful is your interpretation of the literature? Is your discussion to the point and is your thesis clear? How appropriate are the works you have cited? How extensive is your research? How well do you address the question you raised in the introduction? How clearly do you make your argument? How well do you present examples or illustrations in support of your claim? How well do you present your final conclusion, and what additional research do you suggest, and why? Style: 20% paragraph organization sentence structure diction spelling eloquence The Research Proposal will be sent for reference upon agreement.  The

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Urban Economic Growth and the effect on Poverty
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