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United States History 1 U.S. History (Entire History) Final Exam Long Essay.) Write a long essay about what historians call “The Second Industrial Revolution” of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s (roughly the period from 1877 to 1920). First discuss what made this 2nd Industrial Revolution different from the pre-Civil War First Industrial Revolution of the early 1800s (in other words, what were the major special characteristics of this 2nd Industrial Revolution). Then discuss the good results of this 2nd Industrial Revolution by the time of 1910 (the early years of a new century) in its benefits to many people. Then discuss the bad result of this 2nd Industrial Revolution by the turn of the century in the negative or dark side of this rapid economic growth (which is why Mark Twain called it the “Gilded Age” of life being gold only on the surface but a base material underneath). From 1901 to 1919, how would progressive individuals begin to take private actions in this new century to try to solve these dark problems caused by the rampant capitalism of the 2nd Industrial Revolution? What progressive (reformist) actions did some city and some state governments take to address these problems? How would progressive presidents like the Republican Theodore Roosevelt (and the one term Howard Taft) and the Democrat Woodrow Wilson begin to show that there could be a role for the federal government in attacking some of the evils of the 2nd Industrial Revolution? Also discuss what was perhaps the darkest side of the 2nd Industrial Revolution during the time of The Great War (World War I from 1914 to 1918)) in the creation of numerous new weapons for war that made war more brutal and costly in number of lives (list some of these new industrial era weapons)? How did the Progressive president Woodrow Wilson try (and almost kill himself doing it) to find a kind of bright progressive (progress for the world) outcome for the horrible “darkest time of mankind” which was World War I? How did he fail and it end up that World War I and the peace Treaty of Versailles (1919) actually would create most the foreign problems the United States would have to face in the rest of the 20th century (1900’s)? How did The Great War (World War I) also create the worst health crisis of the 20thcentury called The Spanish Flu Pandemic? Why was it worse than the Coronavirus epidemic of 2019-2020 (as it has been so far)?

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United States History Final Essay
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