Understanding the zoology basics | Homework Help

1) Estimate the difference of protostomes from deuterostomes?

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Understanding the zoology basics | Homework Help
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a) Nervous system

b) Embryonic development

c) Circulatory system

d) Cephalisation

e) Presence or lack of notochord

2) Which is the most evolutionarily advanced, with a more complex body structure, Of the following organisms?

a) roundworms

b) cnidaria

c) sponges

d) flatworms

3) Snails, Clams, sea slugs, and octopuses belong to which phylum.






4) Most of animal species belong to which phylum?

a) Mollusca

b) Arthropoda

c) Chordata

d) Echinodermata

e) Annelida

5)The term “deuterostome” refers to

a) Having a spiny skin.

b) Having three germ layers.

c) Possessing a notochord.

d) The second embryonic opening becoming the mouth.

e) The coelom forming by outpocketing of primitive gut.

6) Jaws are believed to have evolved from

a) cranium.

b) First ribs.

c) First pair of gill arches.

d) Tooth buds.

e) Suckers of lampreys.

7) Which of following characteristics is NOT a characteristic used to distinguish birds?

a) Feathers

b) Air sacs

c) Variable body temperature

d) Hard-shelled egg

e) Four chambered heart

8) Humans are believed to be most closely related to:

a) Monkeys.

b) Orangutan.

c) Gibbons.

d) Prosimians.

e) Chimpanzees.

9) The main features that place Homo habilis in the genus Homo rather than Australopithecus are

a) Human facial appearance and lack of hair.

b) Advanced use of language and total carnivorous diet.

c) Brain size, posture, and dentition.

d) care of young and altruistic behavior.

e) Hand grip, extensive use of tools, and house-building.

10) Darwin was wrongly alleged to have said that “man comes from the monkeys.” The correct way for a modern biologist to describe the apparent sequence of human evolution is

a) Monkeys as human ancestors have evolved less than humans.

b) Humans and monkeys share a common ancestor.

c) Humans and monkeys are biologically identical.

d) Evolution leads toward more perfect forms and humans therefore came after modern monkeys.

e)  Humans and monkeys had no common ancestors.


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