Understanding Pregnancy and the three Trimesters | Homework Help

Project description
Understanding Pregnancy and the Three Trimesters:
1. You need to choose one of the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy to Research.
2. Find out what changes occur for the mother and the growing fetus within this trimester.
3. Lifestyle choices that would affect mother and growing fetus: positively or negatively (give examples)
Drinking alcohol, drug use and tobacco
Drinking sugar drinks or caffeinated beverages
Food and nutritional choices €“ what things are recommended or are there things that should be avoided
Exercise €“ is it safe to do cardiovascular exercise, lift weights, do yoga or stretching, etc€¦
How would stress impact both?
4. How do all of the areas of health and wellness impact pregnancy and vice versa, can pregnancy impact our areas of health and wellness: Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Environmental?
5. Your paper should contain all required information and should provide detail and examples. 2 pages minimum
6. List sources that you utilize

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Understanding Pregnancy and the three Trimesters | Homework Help
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