Undergone cancer surgery aims | Homework Help

41. Giving radiation in someone who has undergone cancer surgery aims …..

A. accelerate healing
B. inhibit cancer cell growth
C. destroy cancer cells that may remain
D. increase endurance

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Undergone cancer surgery aims | Homework Help
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42. A pregnant woman exposed to gamma ray radiation in the womb may suffer ….
A. sterility
B. cancer
C. disability
D. tumor

43. Mutagens that cause mutations in nature is ……….

A. gamma rays
B. X-ray
C. ultra violet rays
D. neon light

44. Advantages of irradiation at a dose of certain foodstuffs is ……….
A. can improve the nutritional value of foodstuffs
B. all foods can last up to several months
C. can improve the taste and freshness
D. freshness unchanged and safe for consumption

Can you give me the correct answer and most complete explanation 


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