TV/magazine ads

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TV/magazine ads

Watch a cable channel that you would not ordinarily watch, and pay attention to a total of 3 commercials which air on this channel. In your response, please do the following for each of the commercials:

1) Identify the channel you are watching, and what time you are seeing the commercial.

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TV/magazine ads
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2) identify the products/brand being advertised. Describe the advertisement in enough detail that you will be able to remember the commercial later.

3) Guess what general ‘type’ of person is being targeted by the advertisement. (Gender? Age? Personality type? etc.)

Please do NOT use hulu, youtube, or an online streaming service for this exercise. If you do not have access to a TV, pick up a magazine you would not ordinarily read and do the same exercise for at least 5 advertisements in it. (You could, for instance, go to the library, grocery store, or bookstore and flip through some magazines.)


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