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Topic: Riots €“ Crime and Deviance

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Topic: Riots Crime and Deviance | Homework Help
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Discuss how the perceptions and treatment of foreign construction workers as both criminals and
victims in Singapore shed light on how we understand crime’ and deviance’.

Foreign construction workers have been in the limelight for various reasons over the last few
years. Last year, for instance, they were the main actors in the Little India Riot. While some have
depicted this group of workers as offenders/deviants, others have depicted them as victims.

€¢ Examining definitions of crime and deviance: What sorts of crime and/or deviance have been
associated with foreign construction workers? Are they at risk of becoming criminals or are
they more vulnerable to becoming victims of crime? What laws do they tend to breach? What
laws are in place to protect them from becoming victims? (Do not focus only on the Little
India Riot.)

€¢ Social norms and values: Who are the stakeholders? Who are the offenders? Are the workers
the only offenders? How does Singapore society view this group of individuals and the laws
aIDressing crimes committed by them or the laws that protect them? Have attitudes towards
them changed over the decades? Should their behaviour be deemed as criminal or deviant?
(Again, do not focus only on the Little India Riot.) Why? To what extent do the laws
reflect societal norms and values?

€¢ Cultural relativism: How does Singapore society explain or view their deviant/criminal
behaviour as compared with other countries? Compare and analyse Singapore’s norms, laws
and punishment with other countries.

€¢ Analyse the role of the media and appraise the statistics: How has the media depicted the
foreign construction workers over the decades? Are there any stereotypes created, affirmed,
or debunked? Which type(s) of deviancy or crime and/or offenders has/have the state or the
media been focusing on? Are foreign construction workers the only deviants, criminals or
victims? Are there any other types of crimes or groups of individuals that ought to have been
given greater coverage but were not? Why not? What are the numbers (or estimates) of the
people involved? Are the figures an accurate reflection of reality? Should we care? Why, or
why not?

€¢ Consideration and appraisal of theories (this section should form the bulk of your paper):
Consider all the theories covered in the course. Which theory or theories do you think
applies/apply to the various acts committed by or suffered by workers? Also consider
theories of punishment and crime prevention in your report.

€¢ Recommendations: Appraise and critique the current measures with regards to crimes or
issues you have identified. Are they sufficient? Do they reflect societal norms and values?
You are also free to suggest any alternative or complementary measures.

While your paper should cover the above pointers, you should not write in a step-by-step manner
in accordance to the suggested pointers raised. Rather, your paper should take the form of a
coherent, continuous essay.
Marks Allocation (general guide to the weight of each criterion only):
€¢ Relevant discussion of issues; application and appraisal of theories (70 marks)
€¢ Appraisal and recommendations of measures (10 marks)
€¢ Quality of research (15 marks) (NB: Do not cite from Wikipedia.)
€¢ Language and adherence to the word limit (5 marks)
Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list in the APA style format (6th ed.)
(2010), available at


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