Top influences on psychology


There have been countless influences on the field of psychology but what influences (people, theories, ideas, books, events, etc.) do you believe have had the most impact on psychology and why?  You will write a 5-7 page paper in APA format describing in chronological order 2 influences that you believe have had the most impact on psychology and why.   Criteria Point Range LENGTH: at least 5 pages (not including Title Page and Reference Page)    0 to 10 APA FORMAT: follows APA style guidelines    References are correctly cited with in-text citations throughout paper  Reference Page is included with at least 4 credible references, 2 of which need to be scholarly journals       0 to 20 GRAMMAR, SPELLING, AND PUNCTUATION grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct    0 to 10 INTRODUCTION Hook: grabs the reader’s attention and sparks interest into looking at influences on field of psychology  Thesis Statement: clearly and directly states your three influences that have had an impact on field of psychology      0 to 10 BODY includes 2 influences on field of psychology (people, theories, ideas, books, events- 1 influence needs to be before AD 100 and the other one after 1800) each influence is first described by providing a brief but sufficient background of the influence    how each influence has had an impact on field of psychology is clearly and adequately explained by answering some of the questions below   (e.g., How did the influence lead to new theories, ideas?, How did the influence impact society in a psychological manner?, How did the influence make psychology personally applicable?, How did the influence contribute to psychology becoming a separate discipline of study and/or profession?, etc.)           0 to 40 CONCLUSION  Summary: restates thesis with different wording in a clear manner     Clincher: final statement “clinches” why your three influences have had such an impact on field of psychology       0 to 10

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Top influences on psychology
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