Time Value of Money Discussion – WEEK 7


PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!! Also, please do not let the attached documents overwhelm you. They are only 1)The directions and 2) Pages from one of the resources listed on the directions page. NOTE: Please use APA 7th ed. for referencing and in-text citations please!! (NO .com references! Only scholarly and peer-reviewed!!!) If you do not have a completed reference (where you retrieved it from if no doi…..), I will cancel the order!! All references need to be in alphabetical order, as 7th ed. APA requires! Competency: 4. Apply key principles of financial management to assess the financial performance of non-profit and for-profit healthcare organizations through time-series and cross-sectional comparative analyses. Directions: Address the following elements: Evaluate PV, FV, PVA, FVA, and PV of a perpetuity, using an example relevant to you. Analyze the applications of TVOM in at least two topics of healthcare financial management. NOTE: I am a mental health social worker if this should be needed to complete this assignment.

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Time Value of Money Discussion – WEEK 7
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