Three Discussion Questions

1. What is your experience with inter-team negotiation? What were the factors that seemed to most impact the outcomes achieved? Be specific in terms of critical inclusions/omissions from a process or interpersonal perspective that were either helpful or harmful to optimizing the outcomes.
2. What is your reputation? How might it impact your future negotiation outcomes? Are you happy with it—would you change it if you could? In an ideal world, what reputation would you like to build (or continue to build for those already professionally engaged)—i.e. if you overheard two colleague describing your 5 years from now, what would you hope to hear? What can you do, starting now, to ensure this will be true.
3. How do you think about trust? Without revealing names or personal particulars, describe a circumstance in which another person damaged your trust. What steps did the other person take (or should have taken) to repair trust. What was the result.

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Three Discussion Questions
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