This is an analytic paper


Subject would be Greek civilization this is an analytic paper Further, you may not use any online resources except for the online readings; this includes Wikipedia (an unreliable website anyway), online dictionaries, online mythology websites, etc. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET! (Your paper will be penalized 5% for using online sources.) * The topic is deliberately open so that you can explore your own ideas within the topic to fit your interests. * The topic also has some accompanying questions: you should not simply respond to all of the questions posed in the topic; they are there simply to help get your ideas turning. Literature can often be used as a socializing force. That is, a society will often use a text to reinforce social attitudes, to teach youths, and sometimes to oppress people.  Similarly, a text can often have a socializing effect without intending to do so, or can actually challenge social attitudes. Keep in mind that the reinforcement or challenging of social or cultural attitudes can happen without governmental leaders, parents/families, or individuals realizing it. For this paper, you must use Aeschylus’s Oresteia or Aristophanes’s Lysistrata plus one other text from the course and discuss the ways these texts reinforce or challenge ancient Greek attitudes, ideologies, taboos, morals, etc. Hint: This topic will be easier if you choose your texts based on a similar theme. In other words, with only four pages, it will be very difficult to argue how Aeschylus does X and Euripides does Y. It will be easier to show how Plato and Euripides both do Z. * Present a strong, relevant thesis statement.     * Make a clear argument that is the focus of the entire essay.     * And make sure that it relates to the topic above. * Use direct quotes and specific examples to support your thesis and properly cite the quotes (e.g. book number and line number, act number and line number, etc.). * Use at least two different ancient sources and properly cite the sources. * 3-4 pages, double-spaced (no extra spaces between paragraphs) * 12 pt. Times New Roman font (this is no longer MS Word’s default font!) * 1” margins * Underlined or italicized title The books are in this account When ready ill give access

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This is an analytic paper
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