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1. Which of the following were important firstclues for Darwin’s formulation of his Theory of Natural Selection?Choose all that apply.

a. Offspring look like their parents andseem to inherit their traits.
b. Blue-footed boobies do a strangecourtship ritual prior to mating.
c. Different eating habits of fincheson the separate islands and on the mainland of South America.
d. Different environments, habitats,and flora exist on each of the separate islands as well as on themainland.

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Theory of natural selection | Homework Help
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2. At the time Darwin had formulated and published hisideas, many opposed it, having other ideas about life and life’shistory. Which of the following was NOT a belief at the time ofDarwin?

a. Traits in offspring are a blend oftraits from their parents.
b. Offspring have a 1 allele from eachof their parents for each gene.
c. Species remain unchanged.
d. Species change via acquistion ofacquired traits from their parents.


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