The Throne of King Tutankhamun


This is an Art History college class. We have to write an ACI paper about an artifact and I chose the “Egyptian Throne of King Tut”. This is wholly considered a research paper. Each paper must include an image or images of the artifact being discussed. Images must not be included in the body of the paper; the proper place for these is at the end of the paper. Please make sure the image is fully captioned. Each paper must have information indicating where this object is currently located (Museum, historic site, etc.) While the project demands a certain level of research, the ultimate goal here is to have the student use what has been learned through this research to arrive at conclusions of their own concerning the way the artifact serves to indicate its meaning and function within the society that produced it. The paper should be approximately 4 pages long, The font 12, Times New Roman, and double spacing.

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The Throne of King Tutankhamun
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