The Sociology Of Aging

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1. How do you imagine your later years? Choose the Disengagement or Activity/ Continuity Theory of Aging to illustrate this description.

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The Sociology Of Aging
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At my place of employment, we had a long term substitute teacher name Mr. Rogers that was 66 years old. Mr. Rodgers was good with the kids and he also loved being around the kids. A lot of the teachers didn’t think he should be teaching because of his age. Mr. Rodgers did wear a hearing aid sometimes individuals had to yell so that he could hear them. In some ways, I think the teachers were a little hard on him because he moved a little slow. Although Mr. Rodgers had issues with his hearing, he was a good person. Teaching at the age of 66 could have been too much for others around him to understand. The teachers at my place of employment could have been more understanding but unfortunately, his assignment was ended. Once Mr. Rodger’s assignment ended, he still would come and do a class about once a week. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Rodgers while he was employed.

When my grandparents were living they raise my parents to say yes ma’am and no ma’am. As children, we were taught to respect all elders by not cursing or doing things that were not respectful in front of them. Today, young people curse, rob, and assault others. There is a lack of respect for our elders, they are treated so badly. I wish the younger generation had the upbringing that I had when I was growing up and they would never hurt or disrespect our elderly generation. It’s so sad that we don’t have respect for our elderly, it is the reason we exist and our parents exist.


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