the pros and cons to technology such as machine learning, search engines and algorithms and how it interacts and plays a part on the global scale in relation to human rights. How the technology supports or hinders human rights


This is an individual, written assignment where you are focusing on the pros and cons about the role of technology and/or machine learning and/or AI to support or hinder “human rights” in global settings. Technology can be defined broadly –  I welcome you to focus on any technology that you think is pertinent. “Global” in this case pertains to a topic that has reach/impact beyond small and/or local communities. That means you should be able to discuss in your introduction what why your topic has global importance, relevance, or scope. At the same time, you need to talk about your topic in relation to specific settings or communities. Are you comparing technology policies across nations? Are you examining how a specific social media movement, and the role of social media, impacts a particular age group or network of people affiliated with the cause? There are many ways to define the scope of your communities of focus, just make sure you do define the community in some ways. You are responsible for arguing “both sides” of the topic you choose. You can come to a conclusion where you present your own, final view on the topic,. This conclusion should be grounded in the research and discussions you have presented and comprehensively come to some final points. You should also be drawing on theoretical perspectives from class and lecture to frame and discuss your points, such as technocolonialism or critical race theory. You will find eight additional articles (peer reviewed academic research articles) on the subject in a direction of interest of your own choosing and in addition include at least two class readings as part of your short paper. You should have ten references in total. Consider the following questions in your assignment: Your paper should be 2000 words, 12 pt font, Times, plus references in APA format and have four clear sections: Title Introduction & Background to the topic (research based) What is the scope of the issue? Consider time and geographic dimensions of the “human rights” aspect. Who and/or what is affected by the application of that technology? Who is most impacted directly? Who is impacted indirectly? Arguments in Favor of the Technology (research based)& Arguments Against the Technology (research based) — this can be one section or two separate sections depending on how you want to write up your pros and cons Are/is consequence(s) reversible? What are the ethical considerations related to human rights and responsibilities? Where do they land (who is responsible)? Clear presentation of the how the technology is being used in or across contexts Clear presentation of how the technology surfaces human rights issues – including definition of human rights, referenced using the UN Declaration of Human Rights or other sources of your finding Well organized and clearly articulated pros and cons about your subject – benefits and harms from a human rights perspective; good articulation of ethical concerns as part of human rights discussion (who is harmed, and how? Who decides what is right and wrong, what is valued and not, etc.?)  Incorporation of theory from class as part of concluding analysis (critical race theory, colonialism/postcolonialism, technocolonialism, data justice, sociotechnical theory/feminist STS, etc.)  Proper use of APA formatting Organized, spell checked, written work. If you are using the UTM Robert Gillepsie Academic Skills Centre Links to an external site.  services please add a paragraph or two after your reference page and indicate what and how you are working on with regard to your writing. I will take this into consideration when marking.  Papers achieving over 80% will meet all of the above criteria and further subject to quality assessment across the 80-100% range. Are there non-technological ways of addressing the issue or problem? If so, why or why not use them? What are the advantages of the technology in use and what are the disadvantages? Analytical Conclusion (comprehensive conclusion drawing on theory from class to make your final points) What are your conclusions based on – what theories from class readings, lectures, and/or your own research help you to frame, rationalize, and come to the conclusions you are making.  Include your name, student number, and email at the start of the paper. MARKING SCHEME: Your papers will be marked on the following criteria: Use of at least two readings from class and at least eight academic, peer reviewed journal articles related to your topic (not popular press – you can use popular press in addition to these if it helps you) Clear and focused research topic

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the pros and cons to technology such as machine learning, search engines and algorithms and how it interacts and plays a part on the global scale in relation to human rights. How the technology supports or hinders human rights
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