The new england journal of medicine | Homework Help

A case study usually pertains to information regarding an individual, his or her symptoms, medical test results, and the diagnosis. The New England Journal of Medicine has a featured case study in each issue, as do many other professional journals.

  1. The article you choose must be at least 4 pages long and contain a minimum of 25 to 30 acceptable medical terms.
  2. Part 1 will consist of your summary of the article. One double-spaced, typed page should be the maximum length.
  3. Part 2 will consist of a list of the medical terms noted in the article and the definitions of those terms asused within the context of the article.
  4. Attach acopy of the article to your review with the defined terms highlighted the first time they appear in the article.


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The new england journal of medicine | Homework Help
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