The Legacy of the World Bank and the IMF in Africa: Help or Hindrance?

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The World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created to help assure global stability in finance and trade, and to provide long-term funding for specific development activities. The effectiveness of these institutions in Africa has been mixed, with many critics arguing that the World Bank and IMF legacy in Africa has been largely harmful. After reading two chapters from Robert Gilpin’s The Political Economy of International Relations, provide arguments that take into account each theoretical school of thought for one of your country case studies. What programs were implemented? How were they implemented? Were they successful? Why or why not?

Baseline Readings and Sources:
1- Theories of IPE and Development by Robert Gilpiin (Attached and Named “GilpinIPETheories”.)

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The Legacy of the World Bank and the IMF in Africa: Help or Hindrance?
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2- CH 10 of Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa by Naomi Chazan, (Link:

3- Ch 7 of African Development by Todd Moss (not attached).

4- Dr. Jeffrey Sach’s assessment of the MDGs. Again, Jeffrey Sachs was the main driver of the MDG process from 2000-2015. The link to read his interview is here:

5- William Easterly’s critique of the MDGs. (The file is attached and named “Easterly’s MDGs”.)

6- An online youtube upload of a debate between Easterly and Owen Barder. Link:

In-text Citations are sufficient. A bibliography is for sources that pertain to your case study research. Sources need to be peer-reviewed or grey literature.


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