The Impact of the Internet on Children


I want a research paper about the impact of the Internet on children. I will be posting my research plan and my research proposal please take a look at them so you can have the arguments and counter arguements in order. Refer to my research plan and research proposal papers as a guide to writing this essay. please make sure you get my thesis, arugments, and counter arguements properly they have to be exactly how i mentioned them in the research proposal and research plan I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH PLEASE LOOK AT THEM BEFORE STARTING THE PAPER. Follow the rubric properly and thouroughly and make sure you check every single box. DO NOT USE NEW REFERENCES AND CITES USE THE ONES THAT ARE IN THE RESEARCH PLAN AND RESEARCH PROPOSAL PLEASE. dont use new links only use the ones i have included already. good luck and PLEASE PING ME IN CASE OF ANY QUESTIONS. LOOK AT ” WORKING DRAFT RUBRIC ” FOR INSTRUCTIONS. START ESSAY ON ” WORKING DRAFT TEMPLATE “

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The Impact of the Internet on Children
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