The Grand Renaissance Dam

History 304

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The Grand Renaissance Dam
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6 January 2020

Paper topic assignment

1) What are you planning on writing about?

2) Where in the Mediterranean does your topic come from?

3) What possible questions do you have about this topic prior to researching it?

4) What kinds of arguments is it possible to make about this topic?

For my research paper, I will be reviewing the construction of The Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia. Though it is being constructed in Ethiopia, because it is being built along the Nile, which flows from south to north, Further north countries will also be affected by this decision, one of these countries being Egypt. The controversy in this topic arises because Ethiopia began construction of this dam without the consent of their neighbor countries, which is not only not thoughtful but may also be within violation of laws. Questions I have about this topic is does Ethiopia actually have to ask permission to build in their own land. Possible arguments which this topic will bring to surface is are the benefits which Ethiopia will gain from this dam worth more than what Egypt will lose from this project.


1. Whittington D, Waterbury J, and Jeuland M. 2014. “The Grand Renaissance Dam and Prospects for Cooperation on the Eastern Nile.” Water Policy 16 (4): 595–608. doi:10.2166/wp.2014.011.


2. Gebreluel, Goitom. 2014. “Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam: Ending Africa’s Oldest Geopolitical Rivalry?” The Washington Quarterly 37 (2): 25–37. doi:10.1080/0163660X.2014.926207.


3. Crabitès Pierre. 1929. “The Nile Waters Agreement.” Foreign Affairs 8 (1): 145–49.


This needs to be a 5 page paper on The Grand Renaissance Dam being built in Ethiopia and the controversy behind it (between the countries further up the Nile such as Egypt) .

– I have provided 3 scholarly sources which can be used. I have completed the first 2 pages of the paper, so I just need the last 3 completed.


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