The City and The city Book

Paper instructions

Both questions should be in essay form: State your MAIN CLAIM early on, then explain the reasons you believe your main claim and back those reasons up with specific references to the book ‘The City & The City’ (EVIDENCE).

1. The author sets up a lot of ‘binary’ or dual relationships in the novel. Lots of things seem to happen or operate in pairs. However, the author also spends a lot of time creating spaces between those pairs (the idea is called “interstitiality”) Refer to the boom for evidence of this. What things, people, events, etc. break the “binary” formula he sets up early in the book. Then consider why? What’s the impact on the reader or what effect does he achieve?

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The City and The city Book
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2. The cities (Beszel and Ul Qoma) are starkly different from each other. How does the author to compel you to sympathize with one city over the other? what creative choices are made (how is the story told) and what specific details persuade the reader to care more about one of these cities and why? What’s the effect on you, the reader, and why is it important to the story?


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