The Case of Brady

Paper instructions

In the case of Brady, focus on a family in crisis. Each member of the family has unique issues that you must address. You must also determine the primary problems (this may include diagnostic impressions, not formal diagnosis), intervention, prevention, and education required to assist the family. In your project, do the following:

Identify the client and the presenting problem or symptoms. Briefly explain if anyone else is involved and how they contribute to the problem. Explain if anyone other than the “identified client” also could be identified as a client. If so, describe who and why.

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The Case of Brady
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Briefly describe any underlying problems contributing to the primary problem that should be noted as you proceed with the client.

Briefly describe the presenting problem from the family’s perspective and what theoretical perspective you will use to assess, analyze, and develop a treatment plan for this case.

Identify the unique needs of each individual in the family.

Briefly describe the culture of the family, societal expectations, gender roles, and cultural norms. Briefly explain how each of these might contribute to the problem.

Briefly explain the child and adolescent culture and at least one general contributing factor to the identified issue and explain how this may or may not impact the family dynamics.

Describe one intervention you might use for the identified client that would address the presenting problem and any related psychosocial factors.

Justify your intervention with evidence-based research to support the use of the interventions you have identified.

Briefly describe one preventative technique that you might use to reduce the likelihood of further crisis or the perpetuation of the current crisis.

Make sure to use correct APA citations


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