The brain and spinal cord-pain-controlling chemicals | Homework Help

1. Pain-controlling chemicals in the bodyare called ______.
neural regulators

2. The brain and spinal cord are two components of the______.
central nervoussystem
somatic nervoussystem
peripheral nervoussystem
autonomic nervoussystem

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The brain and spinal cord-pain-controlling chemicals | Homework Help
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3. The division of the nervous system thatallows the brain and the spinal cord to communicate with thesensory systems of the eyes, ears, skin, and mouth, and allows thebrain and spinal cord to control the muscles and glands of the bodyis called the ______.
peripheral nervoussystem
central nervoussystem
secondary nervoussystem

4. Reuptake is________.
a chemical that isreleased into the synaptic gap
a protein molecule onthe dendrite or cell body of a neuron that will interact only withspecific neurotransmitters
a process by whichneurotransmitters are sucked back into the synapticvesicles
a chemical that playsa role in learning and attention

5. One purpose of the ____________________is to speed up the neural message traveling down theaxon.


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