The 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Assignment | Online Assignment


The 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives were jointly developed by representatives of the major fire service constituencies in 2004 at a Firefighter Safety Summit in Tampa, FL. At that time, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation was tasked with promulgating the Initiatives throughout the fire service, and developing material to support their implementation. Since then, the Initiatives have deeply informed the emerging safety culture in the US fire service, and become the bedrock foundation for thousands of fire departments and EMS organizations who have a desire to ensure that their firefighters and medics return home safely after every shift. ( Since the inception of this concept, program, practice there have been changes in how the fire service does business, however the journey is far from over. In 5-7 pages select one of the 16 initiatives and determine whether the intent of the initiative has been achieved or is still in the process of completion. What is the status of the initiative? What, if any, contributions has it made to the fire service? Defend your position. This assignment requires a minimum of 5 research sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias, blogs and wikipedia are considered academic research sources) This assignment is to be typed, double spaced, using a 12 point and either APA or MLA compliant.

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The 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Assignment | Online Assignment
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