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Using the story you chose for the Literary Analysis example “A Rose for Emily”, read the story and analyze how the author uses rhetoric to make an argument. Use the literary analysis you read as an example but choose your own elements to discuss the story.  Use elements such as theme, irony, tone, etc. to show how the author makes the argument. You will write in third-person objective point of view and you must use the text as one of your sources. Be sure to provide MLA citations and a Works Cited page. Requirements: 500 words minimum (5 paragraphs) Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, Conclusion One primary source – quotations from text for analysis, MLA Documentation You may support your ideas by using secondary sources, but the analysis should be your own. Follow these guidelines when organizing your textual analysis: • Make an original title for your essay that reflects your thesis or take on the work. • Introduce the plot and setting but avoid plot summary. Make your thesis focus on the argument that the author is making. • Use quotations from the text to illustrate your body paragraphs. • Be sure to introduce your body paragraphs with topic sentences and introduce quotations using your own words. • Follow quotations with commentary and interpretation in your own words. • End body paragraphs with a tie-in to your thesis statement. • Finish essay with summary/conclusion: Summarize main points and re-state thesis. • Document primary sources with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited. • Follow MLA format for both- using author’s last name in parenthetical citations. • Cite full source information in a Works Cited.

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Textual Analysis Paper
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Pages 1-10 are the story “A Rose for Emily”, also the rubric is attached


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