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1) Describing how you would test the hypothesis.

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Testing of the hypothesis | Homework Help
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Start by examining the living species around you. Ever wonder why the pollinator is attracted to the particular flower, or what would happen to predator species if a certain prey species is removed? If you were a scientist you would do an experiment to answer your question.

For this assignment, select two non-human species which interact with one another, like bees and flowers, or predator and the prey species, or two species which compete.  Or, you may consider the effect of an environmental factor on living non- human organisms, just like the effects of the light or sound on the plants or animals, or how the food preference, or nutrient quantity / quality affect the plants or animals. These are just a few examples. Your observations may lead you to several other kinds of questions about the living organisms, their interactions, and the requirements for life. 




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