Terms what physically happens during each step | Homework Help

I am legally blind and therefore, I cannot see the board in the classroom, and I also cannot read regular print because my vision is too low. That is why I need your help in solving the review problems below.

Please send me the correct answers to all nine problems and write large and clear, using high contrast such as a thick black pen on white paper. Please print because I cannot read cursive due to my low vision and involuntary eye movement.

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Terms what physically happens during each step | Homework Help
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I thank you very much for your support.

PCR Review:

1. List and describe the components of a typical PCR reaction

2. Why are there three different temperature steps during a “PCR cycle”? What is taking place during each cycle?

3. Explain the reverse transcription reaction (what are the components of the reaction? What are the possible primers for the reaction and how do they differ from each other?)

4. What are some of the different types of thermostable polymerase and explain differences between them.

5. Explain the general guidelines for PCR primer selection.

6. Explain the basic mechanism of DNA polymerases.

7. Discuss the possible “templates” for PCR.

8. Describe very detailed each step of RT PCR (real time PCR). Describe in easy terms what physically happens during each step? How does RT-PCR differs from regular standard PCR? How does real time PCR enables you to quantify?

9.Explain in easy words what physically happens in reverse transcriptase PCR.


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