Tendering Practices from Owners POV


MSWord.  A4.  12 point Times Roman everywhere.  25 mm margins.  Single line spacing.  Assignment title on first line.  Name, student number on second line.  No headers or footers.  No logos.  No cover page.  No footnotes.  No padding – eg blank spaces, large indents, repeating assignment wording, others’ diagrams/tables, table of contents, …  Use appropriate subheadings.  Some bullet points allowed but not 100% bullet points.  Use correct (AUS) English.   Length – the first 3 pages are to be your main contribution and will have a heavy influence on your mark .  Pages 4 onward are for References and supplementary material. (Do not cut and past anything, or quote anything, from other sources.) Learn now: correct citing (of ideas, viewpoints) and referencing. Marks will be lost for not conforming to these requirements.

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Tendering Practices from Owners POV
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