Temperature range and daily fluctuation | Homework Help

What questions have your results raised that are testable?

Suggest some questions your results raised. Some examples to get you started are: Does everyone have the same average temperature?
Does the mean temperature of one’s parents determine the mean temperature oi the offspring?

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Temperature range and daily fluctuation | Homework Help
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Are temperature range and daily fluctuation of an individual similar to those oi the parents?

Does the daily/nightly pattern of high/low temperature differ in different people?

What monthly or weekly temperature variations might there be?

References Cited: If you use references in writing your paper, you must correctly cite them. Remember that you use the last name of the authors) and the date oi publication.

If it is an internet site you must use the author of the page or the name of the governmental or educational institute responsible for the site when citing it in the body of your paper. Do not use the complete URL. That must be listed, however, on your References Cited page.

Some references which you may consult if you desire further information about body temperature are given on the following page.

These are not all available in the NVCC library. NVCC does subscribe to the Journal of the American Medical Association and Science News. However, the other journals are available at local universities and you may be able to find some of them online. It is not required that you consult these references. They are only given here for your interest. You may also find other references online; however, be wary in those sites that you select and would use for references. Determine whether or not they contain valid information.


When I perform this experiment I expect for my body temperature to be at its lowest in the mornings and rise throughout the day.


While performing this experiment I took my temperature by mouth with a thermometer every hour from the time I awakened and just before going to bed.


When observing the outcome of this experiment it appears that my average temperature was 96.9. During the 2 days my temperature was at its highest of 99.3, its lowest was 95.8 and a range of 3.50.


Attachment:- Lab.xlsx


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