Listen to 30 minutes of an NPR news broadcast (Morning Edition or All Things Considered) and compare to a 30-minute news broadcast on a commercial radio network (ABC, CNN, Fox News, etc.) OR watch 30 minutes of the News Hour on PBS and compare to a 30-minute newscast on a broadcast network, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.  Make sure you are comparing news casts on the SAME DAY.

1. What was the lead story on each newscast?  What similarities and differences did you notice? (Make sure you indicate the title of the two news programs you compared)

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2.  What is your overall impression of the way the news is presented on each network?  How do you explain the differences?

3.  What is a current  popular TV show that you watch on broadcast or cable TV?

4.  Discuss the show’s ratings last week for Adults 18-49 and total viewers (use  to find ratings information.  Look up the day of the week when your program aired).  You should select a program that airs between 8-11 PM on a major broadcast or cable network–otherwise you won’t be able to find ratings information.  If you can’t find ratings info, select a different program.

5.  Go to and discuss one article that interests you (1-2 paragraphs).

6.  Go to  and look up a job ad that might interest you.  What is the job description and what are the qualifications?


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