Technology and artificial intelligence


RESEARCH PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT (10%) 1-2 PAGES (300-500 WORDS) DUE: 19 NOV. 2020 This assignment requires you to select a research topic for your upcoming essay, to offer both a guiding question for your research and a provisional thesis for your writing, to note some research you will use, and to suggest ways that you may use such research in the development of your essay. Given the scope of the Research Essay (7-8 pages), your proposal must balance the demands of your topic against the constraints of the assignment length; you must narrow your topic and your guiding question accordingly. This assignment asks you to be reflective about both the processes of beginning writing and academic research. Besides identifying research sources, each assignment must consider how such sources will either be used or be useful in the development of your essay. This is an important assignment that proposes both a topic and a manner of research in the pursuit of your research question. Each assignment should contain the following information: • A discussion that presents and describes your interest in the topic, explains what you’ve learned already and what you still hope to learn, and suggests a provisional thesis or a provisional argument that you’re beginning to formulate. • A list of your research sources (both primary sources and secondary sources), and how you anticipate you will use such research (consider research “strategy” as well as compiling sources that are necessary to evidence your thesis/argument). Each assignment should conform to the following: • APA standard of presentation and quotation/citation of research. • Normative grammar and normative standards for academic writing (sensible organization, complete paragraphs, complete sentences).

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Technology and artificial intelligence
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