Systematic Literature Review (The legal issues faced by entrepreneurs (SME’s) and the government support)


Systematic Literature Review     ·       The paper must follow APA format (6th edition) ·       approximately 2000 words (excluding the reference list). ·       An adequate number of references in the paper from peer-reviewed journals should be included to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the chosen area of interest. ·       The topic will be “The legal issues faced by entrepreneurs (SME’s) and the government support” ·       Start with brief background about what covered in the paper.   1-      State clearly the research question you are interested in and your motivation to investigate it.   The research question will be in one sentence only. It could be more than one question, it depends on how many independent variable & dependent variable, Moderator & Mediator you have.   2-      Search Strategy In this point, search about the recent literature related to the topic and (recent literature from 2015 to 2020) about (40 Studies) should be used for this assignment from different databases and journals. Studies should be with Q1, Q2 ranking After you collect the article and recent literature Do the research strategy steps “How you collect the data” maximum in 2 pages   Data Sources and Correlation Analysis (you can make them in a table)   A.     Inclusion Criteria & Exclusion Criteria B.     Keyword Search (what key words you use when you did the search) C.     Databases Frequency (which databases you used, how many articles from each database) D.     Data Extraction (brief paragraph, how many article you found, how many you used ..) E.     Systematic Review Process (total articles, Articles after filtering, Total Duplicates Removed, Selected studies) you can make it as a chart 3-      Analyzing Table    1-      Discussion You need to present your critical analysis, synthesize the literature and present your integrated analysis. There should be a detailed discussion section with your critical evaluation of the literature.  –       The common finding –       Similarities between the findings and Conflicts between the findings –       The common method used –       Mention the common gap\ future research in the found studies  This part must show your understanding in analyzing and evaluating for all the founded studies, cover and discuss more details that the mentioned above.   2-      Explain how your research question will have scientific or applied value given the conclusions from the points above.   “Discussion & Conclusion”  This point focus on explaining and evaluating what you found, showing how it relates to your topic and research questions, and making an argument in support of your overall conclusion. 3-      References Sort them from A to Z

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Systematic Literature Review (The legal issues faced by entrepreneurs (SME’s) and the government support)
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