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Pacing Field ExerciseSur 2101C Surveying
Pacing Field Exercise
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Determine your individual pace length and determine the distance from stop sign/bar to stop sign/bar of one side of the parking lot.
Distance between two existing pavement markings measures approximately 100 feet.
Individual Pace Length = Distance Paced (known) divided by Average Number of Paces
Distance = (Number of Paces) x (Individual Pace Length)
Procedure (pages 21-7 to 21-8)
Determine Your Individual Pace Length:
1. Walking naturally, pace between the designated pavement markings four (4) times, two (2) times in each direction and record the number of paces each time.
2. Determine the average number of paces.
3. Divide the average number of paces into the 100-foot distance to determine your pace length.
Determine the Dimension of One Side of the Parking Lot:
4. Using your individual pace length (obtained in the previous section), determine the dimension of the side of the parking lot (from stop sign/bar to stop sign/bar) – pace distance two (2) times.
Distance #1: Known distance of 100’
# Paces 1
# Paces 2
# Paces 3
# Paces 4
Avg. # Paces: ___________
Pace Length: ____________
Distance #2: Unknown Distance
# Paces 1
# Paces 2
Avg. # Paces: ___________
Unknown Distance: __________ Actual Distance: ___________ Difference: ___________
Corrected Pace Length: __________

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