Supply Chain Oversight


As economies continue to globalize, companies are increasingly forming supply chains that span multiple countries and continents.  No longer are goods “made” in one country; rather, different parts are made in different places around the world, and even assembly of those parts into the final good has been globalized.  While the globalization of supply chains has been extraordinarily good for the bottom line, it has created some risks for brands.  One of the primary risks is the potential brand damage that could result from revelations that products are being manufactured at plants that fail to meet basic labor standards and conditions.  As a result, many companies adopt “supplier codes of conduct” that they expect their suppliers to adhere to, and conduct audits to make sure that those agreements are adhered to. For this assignment, I want you to find ONE example of a supplier code of conduct from any company in any industry.  Examples are pretty easy to find, so I would suggest that you find one from an industry that interests you.  Provide a link or .pdf of the code in your submission and write a brief 1-2 page (750-1000 words) summary.  In crafting your summary, consider the following issues: What industry does it relate to, and what type of risks does that industry face in terms of supplier conduct? Are there concerns about unsafe working conditions, child labor, forced labor, etc.? What type of conduct does the code seek to regulate?  What does it prohibit? Be precise here in your wording. Wording matters in the law, so what exactly is required of suppliers? How will supplier compliance with the code be monitored? Is it voluntary reporting? Audits? Third-party compliance visits? How are these reviews structured? Finally, are there ways that it could be improved, and is there any evidence of its potential success or failure?  Have there been reports of non-compliance with the code, and if so, what steps did the company take to fix the issue

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Supply Chain Oversight
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