Summary of the city and the city

Paper instructions

I want a summary of the first 5 chapters of the book. At least 100 words per chapter summary. Please label each summary by the chapter in order.

Summary of the city and the city

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Summary of the city and the city
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Please follow the “Prompt Essay”. You must use at least two quotes from “Technology as Masculine Culture” (I attach file below additional materials) and one quote each from two other sources we have read for class (at least 4 quotes total). I provide you all articles in my class to choose it to quote in this essay. “Wajcman and Inductive/Deductive Reasoning” Video ( please watch this video)
4 articles in my class for you to quote:

However, I order 5 pages, but you just only use 4 pages to do the essays and 1 page to do Triple Entry Journal (It likes 4 quotes or more you will do in this essay, you should open it before you do the essay, it will help you find exactly quote you will use in this essay.) I attach it in additional materials.

If you feel I order 5 pages which not enough for you do this essay and Trip Entry Journal quotes. Feel free to let me know. I can pay more pages to finish this essay and Triple Entry Journal quotes.
Thank you so much.

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My teacher give me a new video to help me has better essay. So I think it will help you easier to understand clearly. Below is the link of video:


Equity in the Digital Age. Online Gender Discrimination in the 21st Century


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