Summary of the book Political Economy by Frank Stilwell

Need to summary the captioned book in 20 pages using the format below

An excellent reaction essay will meet the following:

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Summary of the book Political Economy by Frank Stilwell
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1- It effectively summarizes the reading by highlighting the main points, identifying the major arguments.

2- It is written in a narrative format (not bullet points), allowing the active voice of the reader to be felt.

3- It is reflective and thoughtful, not a random collections of points the authors’ made, to do so you have to digest the readings first before you start writing your reaction essay. Think of the application and implication of the arguments

4- It avoids direct quotation, jargons used by authors, this means you have to use your own language to reflect on what you read.

5- It is concise and specific, i.e. make your point and save time and space, organized, i.e. readable and easy to follow.


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