Structure and function of cellular organelles | Homework Help

There are several examples of eukaryotic cells. Algae, Fungi, Plants, and Animals are all comprises of eukaryotic cells. Some algae and fungi are unicellular organisms, however the other algae and fungi, and all the plants and animals are multi-cellular organisms which are composed of the specialized eukaryotic cells which interact in order to support the life of multi-cellular organism.

Select either a plant or an animal cell. Select two structures or organelles of the cell (not used in part one above.) Explain these two structures or organelles – what do they look like, what are they composed of? Then describe how these plant or animal cell structures or organelles function. How do these functions provide support activities of plant or animal cell and allow survival of multi-cellular plant or animal organism?

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Structure and function of cellular organelles | Homework Help
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