Strategy to Promote the Quality of Working Life of Employees at Phonetong Substation of EDL Laos Assignment | College Homework Help

  1. Working Quality of Life Concepts
  2. Definition of Quality of Life
  3. Definition of Quality of Working Life
  4. Components and Indicators point to working wellbeing
  5. Benefits of Improving Quality of Life
  6. Working Quality Management
  • external factors Influencing quality of life management
  • internal factors influencing quality of life management
  • processes in management of working quality of life
  1. Theory related to working quality of life
  • The demand theory of Maslow (Maslor’s Hierarchy of The Needs)
  • Murray’s demand theory of Needs
  • social motivation theories of Herzberg
  • Homans motive theory
  1. Theory associated with Organization engagement
  • Theory of Engagement in the Organization
  • factors that affect or have a relationship with the Organization.
  • Inspiration or incentive factors
  • Hygiene Factors
  1. Related Research
  • Research on Quality of Life
  • Research on Engagement in the Organization
  • Recent Researches on QWL
  • Conceptual Framework


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