Strategy in Action

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Strategy and strategic management is nearly everywhere. Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers present companies that are making real time strategic decisions. Some the best journals to find strategy articles are Academy of Management Journal, Advanced Management Journal, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Strategy, and Strategic Management Journal. These journals are devoted to reporting the results of empirical research in management.

Other good journals for strategic-management articles are Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Management, and Journal of Small Business Management.
Magazines present applied strategy articles normally based in practice. Some of the best are Dun’s Business Month, Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Inc., and Industry Week.
Newspapers such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Barron’s cover strategy events as they occur.
For Discussion Board 4:
1. Enter into the world of the APSU Woodruff library and use the online databases to find a recent journal article that focuses on a strategic-management topic. Select your article from one of the journals just mentioned (not from a magazine).
2. Read and review the article. Using the text, determine the level of strategy (see Figure 5-2).
3. Post the citation for the article in APA form.
4. Using Porter’s five force model, relate the topic of the article to Porter’s model. Summarize three takeaways that come from the journal article and support your rationale with additional scholarly references.
5. Post your responses to Discussion Board 4. Be sure to respond early so others can respond to your post. Each student must respond to a post – as described in the syllabus – to receive full credit. Responses are to be complete and sufficient in length to demonstrate critical thinking. End your post and your response with a conclusion that summaries your position.

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Strategy in Action
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