stockholders equity 461229

Marble Corporation had the following balances in its stockholders equity accounts at December 31, 2010
Common stock, $10 par, 50,000 shares authorized 20,000 shares issued…….$200,000
Paid in Capital xcess of Par Par Value Common…..250,000
Retained Earnings………………500,000
Treasury Stock 1,000 shares…..(20,000)
Total stockholders equity……..$930,000
The following transactions occured during 2011:
February 3 sold and issued 3,000 shares of common stock for $22 per share
May 10 declared a $0.50 per share dividend on common stock
October 12 sold 500 shares of the treasury stock for $20 per share
December 31 net income for the year was determined to be $75,000
Based on the above information, prepare a statement of stockholders equity for 2011. Use the form below

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stockholders equity 461229
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