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Staff development and evaluation is an essential leadership function Assignment | Online Homework Help
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Staff development and evaluation is an essential leadership function. Discuss the necessary elements of effective staff development and evaluation techniques, including leadership characteristics. What role does humility play in staff development and evaluation? Provide an example.


Rachel response

Empowering education is a newer model for in-service training of nurses. One of the several strategies to achieve empowering education is clinical performance monitoring, which involves giving feedback to employees (Chaghari, Saffari, Ebadi & AMeryoun, 2017).  At my organization, new employees have a 30, 60, and 90-day review to offer feedback while they learn their new role, then annual reviews after that.  In addition, there are quarterly conversations. This is also a time for management to offer feedback, but an important part of the quarterly conversations that it’s also a  time for the employee to give management feedback as well.  I always attempt to to find positive attributes to mention during these conversations, everyone should have something positive about them.  Areas of improvement should be approached, not as a correction, but as a goal to strive for. Recently a mental health tech, Mike, had his quarterly conversation due.  He is a great worker accept that he has struggled with clocking in on time in the mornings. He has received warnings about this and is doing much better, but I did notice one or two slightly late clock-ins since those warnings.  Instead of saying “you were 5 minutes late on a certain date”, we said that “we appreciate his continued effort to have timely clock-ins”.  Because I believe he really is putting forth effort in this area.  Humility is absolutely necessary during these employee reviews.  If the leader doesn’t have a humble approach then the time spent could result in discouragement rather than empowerment.


Chaghari,M. Saffari,M. Egadi,A. Ameryoun,A. (2017). Empowering education: a new model for in-service training of nursing staff. Journal of advances in Medical Education and Professionalism. 5(1). 26-32.


Sheri response

Staff development and evaluation is an essential leadership function. I was the Perinatal Educator at my facility for almost 17 years. Over that time, I had the chance to see how nurses responded to different learning techniques. I found that it was necessary to tailor the orientation to the individual’s need in order to produce an onboarding that was beneficial to the unit and the nurse. By creating a learning environment best suited to them, nursing turnover decreased and productivity increased. Taking time to learn the needs of each new employee, their experience, computer skills, and generation all contributed to tailoring their orientation. Next it was important to find a suitable preceptor that would best adapt to the new nurse’s learning style. During the orientation I would meet with both the preceptor and the nurse both individually and together to discuss their opinions on how the orientation was progressing and if additional resources were required. Initially these meetings were weekly, then based on progress moved to monthly. I also had both of them complete a written evaluation of the progress through the orientation. After the end of the orientation I would follow up with the new nurse to determine if there were any issues or barriers. I would follow up with the charge nurses as well. Now that I am in the Director role, I still find these steps necessary to retaining employees. I found that this process helped to identify those that may not be a good fit for one of the units and adapted to their needs when a different department was a better fit, for example Postpartum or Antepartum instead of Labor and Delivery.

Humility can play a large role in staff development and evaluation. I have always committed myself to bringing the best onboarding to new staff. But I also recognize that it is not my decision alone. During the interview phase I like to use the peer interview model. This allows a team of nurses including a charge nurse, clinical manager, nurse educator, and a staff nurse to interview each applicant to determine if they are a good fit for our team. This way the decision is not solely mine. We implemented this process when I became director and our retention rate has increased significantly, not that is was poor before but has help to keep our vacancy rate low. I am not afraid for one of my staff to speak up and share their opinions. This helps us both to grow. I feel everyone can have something significant to say and encourage their input regardless of their role. I think this helps out team to grow stronger and increase our bond. According to Chaghari et al (2017), education plays an important role in achieving organizational goals through a combination of organizational and the workforce interests and empowering education facilitates the occupational tasks and improves the competency and professional skills among nurses.

Chaghari, M., Saffari, M., Ebadi, A., & Ameryoun, A. (2017). Empowering education: a new model for in-service training of nursing staff. Journal of advances in medical education & professionalism, Vol. 5(1), pp.26–32. Retrieved from



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