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Go to and on the home page, click on the arrow under the section, “Learn About Cancer”. There is a list of numerous types of cancers. Please select one form of Cancer from the list AND that has NOT been posted on by another student (or one of your own from another site or from personal experience).

In your initial post, title it with the specific type of cancer you will be discussing. Each student is required to write their own initial post on one specific type of cancer – no duplicate topic posts are permitted. One type of cancer per student – this increases the variety of topics to discuss. Research the particular type of cancer you chose and make sure to aIDress and talk about the following questions in your initial post: Which part of the body does the cancer affect? What are some warning signs? Are there any treatments? Approximately how many people are affected with this type of cancer? Are certain people more at risk than others? Is it more prevalent in certain areas of the world?
Also, in your initial discussion post, please respond to the following questions: What are your thoughts about cancer in general? Does it seem that there are more cases of it in today’s society? If so, why might this be the case? Do you think human-made or natural compounds are more responsible for causing cancers? Why is cancer considered to be a failure of the immune system? Do you have any personal experience of knowing someone with cancer? Would you like to share your personal experiences with cancer?

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Solution-Why is cancer considered to be a failure of immune | Homework Help
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