Solution-What were your controls independent and dependent | Homework Help

For Biology class – must be 300 words must cite work. I work in a medical billing office and I’m 20 years old. I’m giving this info so the post can be more relevant to me.

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Solution-What were your controls independent and dependent | Homework Help
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People make generalizations and draw conclusions from observing the world around them without doing any experimentation and testing. In ancient Egypt the Nile River would flood. The banks of the river would be filled with mud and many frogs would appear. Ancient Egyptians concluded that frogs come from muIDy soil. They didn’t use the scientific method! Forming conclusions without experimentation is still done all the time.

Scientists use a structured approach called the scientific method to answer questions and figure out problems. The scientific method includes making observations, developing hypotheses, testing the hypotheses, collecting data and analyzing results. There are controls, independent variables and dependent variables involved. We solve our everyday problems with the scientific method without even realizing it. In your initial post, outline a situation you’ve encountered in your work or daily life in which you used the scientific method to solve a problem. List your observation, your hypothesis, how you tested your hypothesis, your data and conclusion. What were your controls, independent variables and dependent variables? Also in your initial post list an example of an individual or group that has made a conclusion without using the scientific method.


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