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Bloom’s Taxonomy

As we mentioned in the introduction, Bloom’s Taxonomy is a model developed by educational psychologists to help categorize learning. For this unit and your Unit 7 assignment, you are using this model to improve the cognitive complexity of your thinking and support your synthesis of the psychology relevant to your interests in the field. Let’s share the insights we gathered about using the taxonomy in this discussion. Use your completed work from the discussion preparation study to respond to the following questions:

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Solution-What synthesize mean within the context of | Homework Help
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* What does synthesize mean within the context of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Granello’s article?
* What patterns have you started to identify from reading your research articles so far?
* What strategies will you use to ensure you meet the expectations for synthesis within your paper?

If you have any trouble understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy or the strategies in the Granello article, use this discussion to receive support from your peers and instructor to work through your challenges.

Response Guidelines

Read your peers’ discussion posts and respond to at least two of them.

* What questions do you have that could help your peers’ clarify the themes in their literature?
* What strategies or insights can you share to help your peers’ understand Bloom’s model better and apply it to their assignment?

Be sure to provide substantive responses to help your peers build on their learning and reference any relevant assigned readings, aIDitional resources, or professional literature to support your response.


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