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Biological Research (Microbiology and Diseases)

Please read the attached research atricle (pdf file), then briefly answer the following questions interpreting your answers from the posted reearch article. Your answers to the following questions should be brief and from the research article provided.

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Solution-What is the rationale behind the hypothesis | Homework Help
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1. State the biological problems that the authors are investigating?

2. State why this problem is interesting or important (impact of the problem in terms of public health or vertical advancement of the field)

3. State the type of research executed (basic vs. applied or clinical vs. statistical)?

4. What was known about the problem on this research (previous studies mentioned on the research)?

5. What is not known about the problem or what unexplained data led to this investigation?

6. What is the author’s question?

7. What is the rationale behind the author’s question?

8. What is the author’s hypothesis?

9. What is the rationale behind the hypothesis?

10. What is (are) the implications behind answering the question?

11. Is the implication behind the hypothesis being true or false?

12. Did the author clearly state any competing hypothesis in the field?

13. What is the general approaches used by the author to test their hypothesis or answer their questions? (methods used to study the hypothesis).

Attachment:- Article.pdf


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