Solution-What is culture and how do anthropologist use the | Homework Help

1. Please help me with these questions. It actually is an anthropology subject. Tks

2. What is culture, and how do anthropologist use the concept?

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Solution-What is culture and how do anthropologist use the | Homework Help
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3. What role do preconceptions of scientist play in science and how can these be overcome?

4. Why is biological variation within a population necessary for Natural selection? If a species lacks any variation, how could variation be introduced into this species?

5. Give an example of a selective pressure and explain how it affects the evolutionary process.

6. How did the work of Thomas Malthus influence the development of Darwin’s Theory of evolution by natural selection?

7. Compare and contrast Lamarck’s theory of “Acquired Characteristics” with Darwin’s theory “Descent with Modifications through Natural Selection.”

8. Explain the differences between the theory of Catastrophism and Charles Lyell’s theory of Uniformitarianism. How did Uniformitarianism influence Darwin’s view of the world and the development of the theory of evolution?

9. Skeletonized remains of an infant were discovered in a cave in southern Spain. Which subfields of Biological Anthropology would be utilized to investigate these remains. Support your argument. (You may choose more than one subfield as long as you support it).

10. How do the colloquial and scientific definitions of “theory” differ?


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