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Based on the patients case reports and the background information provided by your team member Alex, submit a written report with diagnosis of all 3 patients following the instructions provided to you earlier. Remember your diagnosis should be based on 6 evidences out of the 12 provided and these evidences should be cited by their record number/s.

In aIDition to the diagnosis, your report should also include answers to the following questions:

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Solution-What does hla stand for and what is an hla | Homework Help
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What is the difference between an “allergen” and an “antigen”?

What is meant by “anaphylaxis”?

What are the different classes of antibodies that our bodies produce? Which class is associated with the peanut allergy?

What is a mast cell? What role do mast cells play in the immune response?

Hypersensitivities can be described as immediate, subacute, or delayed. How do these sensitivities differ? What evidence did the doctors use to determine that the peanut allergy was an immediate hypersensitivity?

What does HLA stand for? What is an HLA phenotype?

How does HLA relate to MHC in immune physiology?

Briefly describe the role of B cells and T-helper lymphocytes in immune physiology.

Describe how IgE binds and reacts with basophils and mast cells.

In immediate hypersensitivity, the initial exposure to an allergen usually does not produce any symptoms. The symptoms, such as those involved in anaphylaxis, usually appear in the second exposure. What events are ocurring during this initial exposure that sensitizes a person to an allergen. In your description include the role of B cells, T cells, IgE, mast cells, basophils and the allergen.

Describe the normal physiological role of a “pluripotent hemaotpoietic stem cell” in human physiology. Why is it important to note the presence of these cells in the liver when trying to understand the mechanism for how the peanut allergy was transferred to the patient?


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