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Evaluate the causes of stroke. Discuss the differences between transient ischemic attack and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA). Discuss the types, warning signals, and treatment of CVA.

What causes migraine headache? Discuss its signs, precipitating factors, and treatment. Discuss the role of analgesic drugs.

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Solution-What causes migraine headache | Homework Help
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Why is it important to determine whether a patient is suffering from viral or bacterial meningitis? Explain the cause, pathophysiology, manifestations, laboratory investigations, and treatment of bacterial meningitis.

Read and evaluate the pathophysiology associated with Alzheimer”s disease. Describe the changes in the brain as Alzheimer”s disease develops along with the effects on body functions. What are the possible treatments of the disease


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The solution comprises aIDressing the mitigation plans for various disorders associated with Center Nervous System. The diseases include stroke and its types, migraine headache, bacterial meningitis and Alzheimer”s disease. The causes, Pathophysiology, differences between stroke, and mengitis are described. The current teatment options vary with the type of diseases and are discussed with respect to diseases.


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