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1. What are the major functions of the blood?

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Solution-What are the other names by which erythrocytes are | Homework Help
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2. What are the constituent elements of the blood?

3. What is the hematopoiesis?

4. Where does hematopoiesis occur?

5. In which bones can bone marrow chiefly be found? Is the bone marrow made of osseous tissue?

6. What are blood stem cells?

7. What are the other names by which erythrocytes are known? What is the function of these cells?

8. What is the name of the molecule that transports oxygen in red blood cells?

9. What is the molecular composition of hemoglobin? Does the functionality of hemoglobin as a protein depend upon its tertiary or upon its quaternary structure?

10. On average what is the life duration of the red blood cells? Where are they destroyed? What is the destination of the heme groups after the destruction of hemoglobin molecules?

11. What are the functions of the spleen? Why is a total splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen) compatible with life?

12. What is the anemia? What are the four major types of anemia?

13. What is the difference between red and white blood cells? What are leukocytes?

14. What are the kinds of leukocytes and how are they classified into granulocytes and agranulocytes?

15. What is the general function of leukocytes? What are leukopenia and leukocytosis?

16. What are the mechanisms of hemorrhage contention called?

17. How are platelets formed? What is the function of platelets? What consequences does the clinical condition known as thrombocytopenia yield?

18. How does the organism understand that a clotting process must begin?

19. How can the blood coagulation (clotting) process be described?

20. What are clotting factors?

21. What is the organ where most of the clotting factors are produced? What is the role of vitamin K in the blood coagulation?

22. What is factor VIII? What is the genetic disease in which this factor is absent?

23. How is hemophilia treated? Why is hemophilia rare in females?

24. What is the epidemiological association between hemophilia and HIV infection?

25. What are anticoagulants? What are the practical applications of anticoagulants, like heparin, in Medicine?

26. What is dicoumarol? How does this substance act in the clotting process and what are some examples of its toxicity?

27. Streptokinase is a substance used in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. How does this substance act?


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The blood is a means of substance transportation throughout the body. The blood is made of a liquid and a cellular part the fluid part is called as plasma and in it there are several substances like lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and mineral salts. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells able to differentiate into other kinds of specialized cells.


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