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Writing Assignment

Part 1

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Solution-What are different types of rna and what are their | Homework Help
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1. What scientific efforts ultimately led to the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA by Watson and Crick?.
2. What are the chemical components of DNA, and how do these components combine to form a DNA molecule?
3.How are the instructions for various hereditary traits encoded using only four nucloetides?

4. How does DNA replicate itself?

5. How can recombinant DNA techniques be used to treat genetic defects and restore normal function in a given organism?

6. How is recombinant DNA “amplified” and delivered to new host cells?

7. How might medical practice be affected by the refinement of gene therapy?

8. What techniques are being used to map specific genes on the DNA molecule?

9. What are the benefits and risks associated with increased use of genetic engineering?

Part 2

1. What does Dr. Lake mean when he refers to proteins as the “bricks and mortar of the house”?

2. What are the different types of RNA and what are their functions?

3. How are amino acids linked together to form three-dimensional polypeptide chains?

4. How does the study of bacteria cells help us understand how protein synthesis works in human cells?

5. How does sickle-cell anemia illustrate the consequences of errors in the genetic code?

6. Why is sickle-cell anemia considered a life-threatening disease? How does it affect the health of an individual?

7. How does slime mold help scientists understand how genetic control systems work?

8. How does cell differentiation occur? Why are certain genes expressed and others not expressed in a given cell?

9. What is the mechanism that causes cancer, and what are its causes?


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