Solution-Virtual lab-variation in plant life cycles | Homework Help

Virtual Lab: Variation in Plant Life Cycles

The life cycle of all plants is complex because it is characterized by alternation of generations. Plants alternate between diploid sporophyte and haploid gametophyte generations, and between sexual and asexual reproduction. The ability to reproduce both sexually and asexually gives plants the flexibility to adapt to changing environments. Their complex life cycle allows for great variation.

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Solution-Virtual lab-variation in plant life cycles | Homework Help
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After interacting in the virtual lab: watching the animations of different plant life cycles at the following website

Please answer the following lab related questions:

1. What is meant by an alternation of generations? What is meant by alternation of generations is its talking about the life cycles have two different multicellular cells.

2. What is the main function of the mature gametophyte and the sporophyte? The main function is it produces a diploid zygote.

3. Discuss how a fern cell can reproduce both sexually and asexually. It can reproduce sexually

4. Based on what you know about fern reproduction, why do you think ferns tend to inhabit moist environments?

5. What is a distinguishing feature of the Life Cycle of Nonvascular Plants such as mosses?

6. What is a characteristic of the Life Cycle of Gymnosperms?

7. What are the reproductive adaptations that Angiosperms or flowering plants have evolved that have contributed to their success?

8. Describe how gymnosperms use cones to reproduce.

9. Why is a dominant sporophyte generation an advantage on land?

10. What are antheridia and archegonia?


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